12/17 – 12/19 Seoul on a Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

How about a quick (Edit: was gonna be short… turns out I can kind of ramble :D) post about Susie’s last minute, midweek, trip to Seoul with friends?

IMG_00000188After hopping an evening bus to Seoul, my trip started something like this (picture at right). Sometimes subway trains can be nice and empty, but as you can see here they are often jam packed full of people. As I was standing on the train messaging with my friend Lauren who was patiently waiting for me a few stops away, but of course I missed that stop and didn’t realize it until 5 stations later… Gotta happen once right? Anyway, as I’m on the train grappling with my urge to take a photo showing how crowded it gets, and my need to not make my self stand out so obviously as such a tourist, I realize that every, EVERY, single person was on their cellphone and would never even see me.

IMG_00000198Well, once I had finally arrived at my destination I called it an early night so that I could get up early the next morning to go out for some breakfast with Lauren. Darcie, who had lived in the area of Seoul where we were staying, directed us to a little place a few blocks away called the Honey Bowl. It was so delicious and a pretty good deal! Mostly it was just fun enjoying some classic breakfast goodness. (Checkout the awesome menu we ordered with- an iPad).

         IMG_00000190          IMG_00000195

For the rest of the day, we all went to accomplish our respective goals, which for me was just some sight seeing. I knew there was a really famous palace (and that it was closed on Tuesdays), but I wanted to go scope it out for a potential future trip with Kurtis and check out the National Palace Museum of Korea. Check out these photos of my trip around the palace and in the museum.


IMG_00000225IMG_00000203For the second half of the day I met back up with Darcie and Lauren, IMG_00000242and we did a little shopping before getting dinner. While we were walking about in the shopping area, we were approached by this spirited group of young ladies who were doing a poll of foreigners about whether Dokdo/Tsushima belongs to Korea or Japan.  If you said Korea they cheered and gave you candy, but if you said Japan, they had a lovely speech to give and poster board to show you about how it is a Korean island.

IMG_00000245On our third and final day we ate at a wonderful little Thai restaurant and then went to a microbrewery nearby for some “real beer,” which is hard to find in Korea.

582283_10102190668958677_2035296249_n (1) IMG_00000250


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