10/21-22 The Sights of Seoul

IMG_00000028 (2)Beyond our professional experience at the KOTESOL conference, we enjoyed getting to see some of the touristy sights in Seoul. Our first post conference excursion was to the international district- Itaewon. Exiting from the subway our heads spun with sights to see and we wandered down an avenue lined on both sides with antique shops, fashionable clothing boutiques, and individuals creating their own fashion jewelry and art.

IMG_00000033A Moroccan restaurant we had noticed at the entrance to the avenue had captured our interest and trumped the plethora of delicious options. We were rewarded for this decision with a heavenly spread of exotic dishes to divine to be captured in words… or photos.

The next day, Monday, it rained. We had planned on taking in many of Seoul’s most notable sights, but knowing we wouldn’t be able to take good photos and that we would return to Seoul again, we decided to head off for an indoor destination- IMG_00000020the Korean War Museum. Arriving to the museum we stopped first in their dining area for lunch at a rather fancy joint.

IMG_00000039Now well fed and ready to spend the entire afternoon exploring we entered the museum only to find a rather unexpected crowd blocking the way. We found some informative employees that the museum was closed so that it could host Seoul Fashion Week. Not wanting to waste our trip we decided we could still see a lot around the outside of the museum. We meet these Saudi guys and Susie offered to help them take a picture. When they returned the favor we said “Shukran” (which means thank you in Arabic) and they were so happy we “spoke their language,” that they wanted to take a picture together. IMG_00000033 (2)

It wasn’t the day we had imagined, but we were happy with the way things turned out. We took the subway to the Intercity Bus Terminal, bought our tickets, and ran to board the bus to Masan. The countryside between Seoul and Masan is a beautiful sight.



3 thoughts on “10/21-22 The Sights of Seoul

  1. Alway a good read but I think I like most that you two seem to roll so well and always be thankful for the” lemonade” disregarding the ” lemon” that it came from. Glad you went to the museum even if the fashion show won this round. In my AAA magazine this month, it says that So. Korea is one of thirteen places to visit in 2013 as July will be the 60th Anniversary of the end of the Korean War. You should sign up for a tour guide…you would be great at it. Thanks for the post as always love it.!!!!

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