10/20 to 10/22 – KOTESOL


Happy New Year! This year I was going to make a resolution to get the blog updated, but instead of making a resolution Kurtis and I just sat down today and did it! Here is the first of a string of posts we’ve already written and will publish each day this week. Cheers!
IMG_00000007Our first trip to Seoul was undertaken in order to attend the KOTESOL 2012 Conference. The conference was held on the beautiful campus of Sookmyung Women’s University. The Conference had many good presentations, and even several great ones. For Kurtis this was his 5th TESOL related conference, but for Susie this was a first. One of the lectures Susie IMG_00000002attend was on helping students think in their second language, while Kurtis saw the indomitable Sara Davila (a well known teacher and teacher trainer in Korea) present ideas on enhancing students’ creativity. We both especially enjoyed “Teaching Your Tongue To Talk,” a pronunciation workshop by Rheanne Anderson, an EFL professor at RMIT, the only all English University in Vietnam.IMG_00000010

The plenary given by Scott Thornbury- “The Secret History of Methods” detailed the progression ( and sometimes digression) of ideas on how to teach and learn languages. This presentation was a real high point of the conference as Mr. Thornbury had everyone both laughing their heads off and seriously considering how their own ideas about how to teach a second language affected their students’ success. See Susie and Kurtis after the plenary representing Missouri State and the ELI half a world away!

Here is Susie with Darcie and Chantal, two fellow Kyungnam University English Compadres.

IMG_00000018Notice in the above pictures the most coveted souvenir of the conference- the attendee name badge. We barely escaped with ours as we were accosted upon leaving on the last day and told to hand them over. Kurtis simply ran for it (garnering cheers from onlookers) and Susie just stood her ground and out right refused to give it up with a confident and simple “no.”

One afternoon of the conference we set out with some friends and enjoyed some delicious Pho at a Vietnamese place just outside the campus entrance. See Kurtis and Darcie enjoying some complementary tea.

IMG_00000024 IMG_00000021


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