12-15 Christmas at Aeyukwon Orphanage

IMG_00000366In this special Christmas time post we’d like to skip ahead on the timeline of events we’ve been playing catch up with, to post about a special outing we had last week.
Our friends, Chantal and Hyeonho, who have volunteered before at a local orphanage here in Masan took the initiative to organize a wonderful chance for all of us and our Kyungnam co-workers to give back to our host community as well as spread some Christmas cheer- a Christmas gift drive for the kids.

IMG_00000339Chantal created festive candy-canes with the age and name of each child (around 35 kids) and everyone in the office had the opportunity to have a child to get presents for (some generous souls even chose 2)!


There was a lot of talk around the office about what kind of present to get because we wanted it to be special for the kids. On Saturday, December 15, a group from the office comprised of friends fIMG_00000257rom England, New Zealand, Canada, and America went to the orphanage to meet the kids and play Santa Clause.

Right away Michael, our friend and co-worker from England, hit it off with the younger kids and the rest of us followed suit.

Handing out presents was a blast.

(And so was playing with the kids and their new toys afterwards).



Shortly after all of the children had gotten their gifts, we were treated to the most entertaining rendition of Gangnam Style yet. Here’s a photo of the line up right before they began the trade mark horse riding dance move.

It was very rewarding to be able to be a part of this great gift-giving experience. At times living in another country where you clearly stand out and get noticed can make you feel like an outsider, but one of the best parts of the experience we had at the orphanage was getting the feeling of connecting with and contributing to the community we live in and are a part of.




3 thoughts on “12-15 Christmas at Aeyukwon Orphanage

  1. It isn’t much of a surprise that the two of you found a way to make Christmas better for a bunch of kids. Kurtis, I hope all of the little ones got out of there without the hair being rubbed off of their heads.

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